2021 and the rollout of the Enterprise Hub Teaching Arm Pilot

Building off of the Teaching Commendation the Enterprise Hub was awarded in 2020, we are expanding our educational opportunities to students with all levels of experience in Entrepreneurship. The Enterprise Hub Teaching Arm Pilot is designed to engage with members of the Royal Holloway community who are unable to participate in entrepreneurship education within their core curriculum. We are conducting workshops aimed at multiple elements of the entrepreneurial process, ranging from Introductory lessons to marketing to scaling workshops.

Between October and December of 2020, we introduced Introductory Entrepreneurship workshops and Systems Thinking workshops. We have engaged with over 20 students and imparted them with applicable entrepreneurial skills beyond creation of a venture.For our introductory Entrepreneurship workshop we introduced students to the business model canvas (which you can download here) and demonstrated how the University experience uses skills that can be easily translated into a venture.

Keep an eye on our events page for upcoming sessions.

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