In-volved: Journey through the ‘Dark Side’ with Anica

In 2019, Anica and her co-author Markus published a book that takes a dive into the messy world of Social Entrepreneurship: Social Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics: Understanding the Contribution and Normative Ambivalence of Purpose-driven Venturing takes its reader on a journey through the ‘bright side’ and ‘dark side’ of social entrepreneurship.

Social Entrepreneurship has created high expectations about solving society’s problems. This has some pretty significant implications for how social entrepreneurs are perceived as well as how they perceive themselves. This book looks at the micro, meso, and macro level influences of social entrepreneurship to provide a better understanding of its limitations.

Anica and Markus critically examine the potential undesirable effects that emerge in pursuit of socially desirable outcomes. In contrast to mainstream narratives, social entrepreneurship can have negative impacts (often unintendedly) in society, markets, organizations, and for individuals. This book takes an ethical perspective to discuss implications of the potential “dark side” of social entrepreneurship on societies, organizations, and individuals.

Social Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics provokes researchers and students to advance their understanding of the social entrepreneurship field. At the same time, it helps practitioners to better realize the positive contributions of social entrepreneurship for society. Between them, Anica and Markus have over 20 years of education in the field that they use to complement the theories they employ, which makes the book an easy and enjoyable read.

As one of the few works on Social Entrepreneurship that examines its negative aspects, this book is a good starting point for those who are new to -or just interested in- the field. It gives people the opportunity to examine both sides of Social Entrepreneurship and discern fact from hype.