Enterprise Hub E-Learning Platform: How we can help you during the COVID-19 lockdown, no matter your discipline.

Dealing with the Crisis

As students ‘return’ for the start of term 3, it’s fair to say that this will probably be the strangest term 3 any of us have ever seen.

Over the past week, the government has suggested that normalcy will most likely not return to our lives before the end of this year. Yesterday, the prime minister revealed that he cannot spell out when changes will be made to the lockdown. This, of course, has led to extreme uncertainty and, unfortunately, it means we all have to push forward and adapt to this new normal.

How can we help?

At the Enterprise Hub, we are certainly no strangers to uncertainty and we are well aware that moving forward in the absence of normalcy is anxiety inducing. It requires flexibility and venturing into the unknown. We are doing our best to support you during your journey at Royal Holloway.

We have recently launched our Online Learning Platform through Slack with designated additional time for active participation so we may immediately respond to your inquiries. However, feel free to message us at any time and we will aim to respond ASAP. Our Ideation Facilitator is available to conduct online 1-2-1s from 13.00-15.00 every Tuesday.

If you have a business idea you want to develop or if you simply want to learn about entrepreneurship, our slack platform allows you to connect with like-minded students and access a range of resources in a consolidated location. We are always trying to grow and engage with multiple students, and we are very responsive to suggestions on what you think we should offer.

Can I join even if I’m not in the School of Business and Management?

You do not have to be a student of Business, Management, Economics, Computer Science, Cyber Security, or any of the other disciplines that you may traditionally associate with Entreprepreneurship.

We hope to open the discipline of entrepreneurship and innovation to those students who may not feel like it applies to them. Entrepreneurship and Innovation requires a wide variety of expertise and a ‘non-traditional’ academic background is often, believe it or not, a good thing.

How can I get involved?

If you want to get involved (which we really think you should) you can send an email to enterprisehub@rhul.ac.uk with the subject “Please Add me to Slack”. Joining the slack platform will give you an avenue to contact us more directly. Once you have joined us on slack you will be able to request a 1:1 through our Innovation Hours channel

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