Introducing the Innovation Festival

For three days (Wednesday 19th of February- Friday 21st of February) we will be hosting our first ever Royal Holloway Innovation Festival, where you embark on an entrepreneurial journey. No matter if you want to start a business, a social enterprise, a community group or a non-profit. This event is for you. and It’s FREE.

With the help of experts from industry, we help you get from an idea (no matter how broad or specific) to a working business model. 

The festival’s themes change by day. Day one centers around Ideation, where you will:

  • Identify / focus your idea
  • Identify your customer
  • Determine what you can do for your customer

Day two centers around Commercialization and the Business Model, where you will:

  • Identify how your customers acquire your product or service
  • Determine how to make money off of your product or service

Day three will be about Growth and Design, where you will:

  • Learn to design and build your product or service
  • Learn to Scale your venture

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