Meet our Alumni Entrepreneurs: Elio and Cafe Barbera

This week’s feature on our Alumni Entrepreneur Series is Mr Elio Barbera. Elio is the CFO of the Cafe Barbera franchise and we’ve reached out to him to hear about his journey into entrepreneurship. 

Elio completed his degree at Royal Holloway in Management and International Business, but his engagement with Entrepreneurship began well before university. As part of a family who has run a roasting Coffee Company for 6 generations (Since 1870!) he has been constantly exposed to entrepreneurial vision and the desire to expand and grow. 

Because of this vision, Cafe Barbera has grown into a successful Coffee Chain. Elio’s passion for overcoming challenges is a key to his success. “The fact that every challenge and obstacle has a solution is something that really excites me, which is perhaps the most important single ingredient for a successful venture”. 

We asked Elio to give a recommendation for current Royal Holloway students interested in a start-up. His response: “To have a mentor, a person that you trust who has proven to be successful and ethical in their business

More about Elio can be found on his LinkedIn here

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