Social Entrepreneurship IN-the-field-trip

To celebrate #globalentrepreneurshipweek 2019, we took 28 students on a social entrepreneurship tour of East London.

First stop: Dialogue in the Dark London. This amazing social venture is a social franchise of the global social enterprise brand Dialogue Social Enterprises. We had the chance to experience their exhibition in complete darkness, guided by blind and visually impaired guides. This was an absolute privilege as we were one of the first guests in London, as DID is still in pre-launch. While the paint was still drying on the walls, we had two hours to ask Hakan and Hussein, the founders of DiD London and Museproject, all about their experience in setting this up in London. We were also able to hear about Hakan’s experience of successfully running DID in Istanbul for over six years. It was an amazing experience! You can hear for yourself what some of us had to say about it.

One of the participants on the experience
One participant on the experience

After a nice lunch and some time to reflect on the insights and experience of the morning, we hopped back onto our coach and went to Plexal. Russell gave us a very informative insight into how Plexal works and what kind of companies are based in this innovative co-working space. He also gave us an introduction to the new Inclusive Enterprise Zone initiative that Plexal is about to launch. Afterwards, we were given a tour of their collaborative spaces.

Thanks to Santander Universities for providing us with the funds to make this happen, and a big thanks to the enthusiastic students who came along. We’d also like to extend a huge thank you to those who spoke with us.

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