Our own Anica Zeyen @ European Start-up Festival 2019

This year’s European Start-up Festival took place on 20th and 21st September in the beautiful town of Malmö (Sweden). Our Enterprise Hub Team was there as well: Anica, Emilio and Lassie.

Friday morning, after an amazingly entertaining start to the day, Anica was part of the panel on “sustainability and entrepreneurship” and joined in the discussions on how to make start-ups more sustainable. Probably the most important question that was debated was how ventures can help solve sustainable development challenges without creating additional new challenges.

“We are the eggs, we are the chicken”, hilarious funny start to the 2019 ESF

In the afternoon, there was no rest as Anica and Emilio joined other university representatives in a discussion no how universities can play their role in the start-up ecosystems of their regions.

The eventful and inspiring first day ended with a reception in teh beautifully restored Malmö City hall by the Mayor of Malmö.

On Saturday, Anica finished off her contribution to the European Start-up Festival with a MasterClass on Sustainable Entrepreneurship. During her workshop, she addressed both how to identify sustainable challenges, identify solutions and how as well as how to implement those solutions. The participants particularly enjoyed displaying their sustainable business ideas with Lego bricks.

If you want to learn more about the Start-up Festival, just click here.

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