Winners of this year’s Entrepreneurship Award

Meet the winners of this year’s Royal Holloway Entrepreneurship Award. All four teams have received seed-funding to continue their amazing work. EazyRent and ReWine will represent Royal Holloway in the National Santander Entrepreneurship Competition. So wish them good luck for this amazing opportunity.


In partnership with Olive International Konsult, FareShare and Enactus University of Ghana, Asempa aims to bring news to Ghanaian local farmers by offering them cost effective, sustainable solutions to reduce post harvest losses while generating additional revenue streams for farmers in Accra, Ghana.



EazyRent aims to revolutionise the property industry through an interconnected platform, streamlining communications between landlords and tenants.



ReWine is an innovative start-up that offers a closed-loop system for wine bottles


See my Identity

A resource management solution targeting problems in secondary markets.


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