Enactus UK’s Training Weekend in Grantham is one of the highlights of the year and this year’s event saw over 400 Enactus students from across the UK come together to hone their social entrepreneurship skills. With a total of 63 workshops to choose from, there was something on offer for everyone. From Networking opportunities with Enactus sponsor companies such as Enterprise Rent-A-Car, to sessions on how to set up and run your own Social Enterprise and how to be an effective team leader. The weekend taught attendees invaluable skills that can be applied, not just in Enactus, but also in the wider world of business and entrepreneurship.

The Grantham Training Weekend 2017 certainly left our members feeling inspired about all things Enactus:

Grantham was a wonderful opportunity for us to deepen our knowledge of Enactus and the outcome of the training weekend is going to be an invaluable asset going forward
Marcus, Project Leader

Having been last year, this event was even better. Filled with inspiration, collaboration and informative sessions, I’m excited to use what I’ve learned and develop the EcoResist project.
Dan, Project Leader and Vice President

Grantham has been a unique experience. The depth of the discussions raised on trends and important issues today was impressive. The great deal of exchange of best practices and the opportunity to meet members from different Enactus Universities is really special, it is what makes Grantham, Grantham, and I’m happy I had the chance to take part.

 Marco, Corporate Relations Executive

Will we see you at Grantham 2018? The countdown begins now…

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