Bitcoin Seminar by the App society

The App Society at Royal Holloway held a successful event on Bitcoin on 25 October 2017. The session was funded by the School of Management and was a great success!

Kofi and Marco from the App Society wrote this blog post about the event.

Every event we plan, we want to make sure to provide our guests with meaningful insight into something different, and perhaps give you a vision for the future. Our aim is to provide a place for like-minded people to gather and develop in the area of app and technological development! As part of this commitment, we want to deliver students the best opportunities to achieve similar career goals, socialise in the fields of technology and finance, as well as to socialise and meet new people.

With the Bitcoin workshop, our guest speakers Jennifer Chung and Hugo Gong introduced an inspiring discussion with regards to Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin trading.

Jennifer Ching is the current Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) in Agility Sciences, where she offers fast, low cost cryptographic solution for agile development teams in the distributed ledger technologies. Jennifer’s previous experience is in Private Equity, Financial Advisory and working as a BCG pro bono consulting project. Hugo Gong is a research associate at the Centre of Blockchain Technologies (CBT), and founder of China-UK Blockchain Association. Hugo’s previous experience includes investment banking and he holds a PhD in Financial Mathematics.

This event was a great success, as students were introduced to the world of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain, but also had the chance to network with students that are also passionate about fintech and learn how to invest into cryptocurrency. Over 65 students enjoyed their time at this event and have now got a better idea of what might be the future of digital currency. It was very exciting to understand how fast this currency moves, as well as how students can use this option to generate revenues themselves!

After the discussion concluded, all our guests had the opportunity to speak to other fans in the fields of asset creation, but also the chance to enjoy the wine and pizza we had brought in to accommodate all of you, provided by the University, who sponsored the event!

We are committed to help develop your career ambitions, by means of offering networking events and bring you access to opportunities to expand your knowledge and get inspired! Start your business, learn about career opportunities, meet new people, try new tasks, develop your skills… ALL available at the RHUL App Society!

o get the best out of your university time, YOU are the only factor for success. As Albert Einstein quoted, “try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value.”


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