Going for Gold in your Career and Personal Life

Entrepreneurship and innovation is not only about creating a business, it also goes hand-in-hand in developing an entrepreneurial mindset to make that dream a reality.  Some people would  argue that an entrepreneurial mindset includes what Dr Carol Dweck, Stanford University calls a ‘Growth Mindset’.  The ability to learn from failure and setbacks and bounce back to success.  As the entrepreneurial journey can be a bumpy one it makes this mindset a must have skill to have.

Join Annika Zeyen, triple Paralympic medal winner on Thursday 9th March 2017 and learn how a ‘Growth Mindset’ and winning attitude can help you achieve triumph over adversity. Annika will share her inspiring story on how she overcame a horseback riding accident at the age of 14, which left her paralysed. Annika’s love for sports led to a successful professional wheelchair basketball career. Not only did she win the European Championship multiple times and won silver twice at World Championships, but she has also taken part in four Paralympic games and won two Silver (Beijing and Rio) and one Gold medal (London) for Germany.

Register for this *free* event here and enjoy the chance to network at a food reception as well on:

Date: Thur 9 March 2017

Time: 18:15 – 21:00

Location: Windsor Auditorium, Royal Holloway.



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